25/04/2016 What daily life is like for refugees stranded in Greece

Migrant families at a tent camp near the Greece-Macedonia border are trying to keep their spirits up in the face of sickness, rain, boredom, anxiety and a lack of information about whether they'll be able to continue their journey northward or be sent back to Turkey, Voice of America reports.

"Hope is all they have to drag them through days that swing between monotonous boredom hunched in their tents when it pours and a frantic scramble to get food and to repair tents when the sun shines," according to VOA.


Témoignage d'une bénéficiaire du programme de sauvetages de la Fondation Surgir, dans Fémina du 19 février 2017.

Menacée de mort par ses violeurs qu'elle a dénoncés, battue par ses parents et blâmée par tout son village, Emina (prénom d'emprunt) a fui son pays, pour rester en vie, pour se reconstruire, ici, en Suisse.
Emina, jeune bénéficiaire du programme de sauvetages de la Fondation Surgir, a le courage de témoigner dans le Fémina du 19 février 2017.


ISIS victims burn their hated niqabs on the street and joyfully reveal their faces in public

ISIS victims burn their hated niqabs on the street and joyfully reveal their faces in public for the first time in two years after Muslim fanatics are forced out of city of Manbij.

Syrians have been pictured celebrating after they were liberated from ISIS rule in a northern stronghold in the country. A woman was seen smiling in Manbij as she burned a niqab she was forced to wear by the Islamic State regime while another man could not stop beaming as he had his beard cut.


22/04/2016 : AFGHANISTAN – Girls' education at risk with taliban

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — One of Afghanistan's proudest achievements has been getting millions of children, especially girls, back into school since the toppling of the Taliban. But that success is crumbling across the south and in other battleground areas of the country, where hundreds of schools have been forced to shut down. Sometimes the cause is fighting, sometimes it's intimidation from the Taliban.


19/02/2016 - The girl who said 'no' to marriage

Balkissa Chaibou dreamed of becoming a doctor, but when she was 12 she was shocked to learn she had been promised as a bride to her cousin. She decided to fight for her rights - even if that meant taking her own family to court.

"I came from school at around 18:00, and Mum called me," Balkissa Chaibou recalls. "She pointed to a group of visitors and said of one of them, 'He is the one who will marry you.' "I thought she was joking. And she told me, 'Go unbraid, and wash your hair.' That is when I realised she was serious."


15/03/2016 - Women Refugees at Risk in Europe

This report reviews the risks for women refugees as they make the dangerous trek across Europe. The report finds that women are vulnerable a bottleneck points along the route, and even more vulnerable when they reach reception centres that do not have secure and separate sleeping areas for women. Women also experience sexual violence at alarming rates and there is currently 100% impunity for gender-based crimes committed against refugee women. High numbers of refugee women are pregnant with no access to pre- or post-natal care.


Syrian girls tell their realities, challenges and dreams

Lebanon/Syria - IOM launched a video documenting the hopes and fears of a group of young Syrian women in Lebanon to mark International Youth Day, which this year focuses on mental health. 

“Letter from a Refugee” follows their emotional journey from fleeing the war in Syria, the stress of separation from family and friends, the difficulties of adapting to their new environment and, ultimately, the discovery of their own inner strengths.


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