Police show Gaza women how to stay safe online


GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — The Interior Ministry's security services in Gaza arrested a man accused of luring women and girls into collaboration with Israel after meeting them online and having romantic relationships with them, according to a Sept. 12 Facebook post by Gaza's all-female police unit. The post stated that the man, in his 30s, confessed that he had been commissioned by an Israeli officer to lure women from Gaza into working with Israel by threatening to publish their pictures or recordings of romantic conversations.
Director of the unit in Gaza told Al-Monitor ''this collaborator takes advantage of naive girls who can chat with guys on social networking sites, and he tries to convince them that he is their long awaited bridgegroom in order to exploit them and send all the information they provide to the enemy. Girls thus fall prey to the extortion of the [Israeli Security Agency].”

The announcement was part of the Sahwa campaign in partnership with the Culture and Free Thought Association, which is funded by the European Union, to raise awareness of the dangers of online extortion and other cybercrimes.

Speaking to Al-Monitor, Adwan said that the campaign offers a series of free awareness and educational events held in various venues such as schools, universities, mosques and nongovernmental organizations to teach girls the dangers of extortion and what to do in case of electronic blackmail. She added that the campaign targets not only young women but also parents and young men.

... Tahrir Ahmad, campaign coordinator for the Culture and Free Thoght Association, told Al-Monitor that the association plays a central role in the campaign. It has distributed about 10'000 pamphlets containing information on avoiding extortion in various public places. So far, it has held about 50 workshops. 

Source : http://www.al-monitor.com