SURGIR at the UN

Panel discussion with the NGOs Committee on Women’s Status, on the topic of Honour Killings


The SURGIR Foundation is endowed, since 2005, with a special advisory status at the United Nations Social and Economic Council (ECOSOC) in New York, Geneva and Vienna.

Our status enables us to participate in activities hosted by the UN authorities. We mainly participate and intervene at assemblies and roundtables as part of the Human Rights Council that meets three times a year in Geneva.

We think it is imperative to act at an international level to improve women’s condition in the World. This is why our commitment to the UN represents a natural extension of our rescue and on-site missions. In fact, the UN setting enables us to raise awareness about the issues we tackle as well as to lobby at an international level (through resolutions for example), targeting concerned countries, in order to push for an improvement in the respect of Women’s Rights.

The U.N. has adopted the Millenium Objectives for Development (MOD) in 2000, placing the objective of «Promoting Gender Equality and Empowering Women » in third place.