Palestine : overcoming the stress of war

''It is important for us as mothers to be counseled especially on the way to better raise our teenage children''

East Jerusalem and the West Bank


As the political context continues to deteriorate since the beginning of the intifada, the security situation is increasingly tense in Jerusalem, causing many casualties, leaving families helpless, creating permanent fear in the population.

The continued exposure to violence has a significant impact on the mental health and psychological well-being of palestinians. Even if everyone tries to adapt to an environment in which conflicts are part of everyday life, this adaptation, for most of them, has a price : anxiety and depression for women, extreme fear among children and their inability to concentrate when at school, panic attacks, sleep disturbances, anger and frustration of men who feel unable to protect their own families.

Considering that women can play a crucial role in trying to curb this spiral of violence, the SURGIR Foundation and its partner joined efforts to enable them to overcome the trauma of their families made vulnerable because of the conflict.


  • Workshops for women in community centers in East Jerusalem and several camps in the West Bank to enable them to develop positive mechanisms to mitigate the negative impact of the crisis.

  • Workshops in 10 schools of East Jerusalem and the West Bank for pupils aged 12-17. The workshops aim to help children cope with the conflict and reduce the overall level of stress through self-expression activities, creative activities and relaxation sessions.

  • Training of 15 volunteers to the Human Rights, to the psychosocial effects of conflicts, and to strengthen their ability to facilitate workshops. 

Area map of the programme