Our Programs

A student intervenes at a workshop on Women’s Rights


Actions outside Europe

The SURGIR Foundation organizes various activities in line with its work (honor crimes, forced marriages and premature marriages) to combat traditional violence exercised against thousands of women around the world. Our intervention zone is mainly the Middle East and our partners are local organizations all led by militant women from the country concerned. The support that we bring to these organizations consists of financing the programs, assisting in their implementation and the institutional development of the partners


  • By educating the men, women and children in human rights, local and international laws, forms of violence.
  • By bringing direct help to women and girls.
  • By being responsive to emergencies
  • By directing the women and girls to a local association that can listen to them and help them.

Our programs are carried out with a constant concern for assuring their perennity. The aim of our action is to improve the living conditions of women in the country itself and to attempt to eradicate these forms of violence.

Actions in Europe

Rescue operations

Our foundation must be responsive in cases of emergency. This is why, whenever protection is impossible in the country itself, we offer young girls in danger of imminent death the possibility of being rescued and given asylum away from their country and the dangers they face.