ISRAEL : Sexual violence prevention programme

Context of the programme

Gender stereotypes nourish the sexual violence affecting children and women in the area of Jerusalem. Most of these violences happen while the victims are still children. They then face consequences on the long run, whether on a psychological or social point of vue. This leads us to reinforce capacities of the young ones to face this type of violence, and to initiate a social evolution through the modification of representations that are the basis of this violence.
School is the perfect space to organize sessions of dedicated workshops for teenagers aged 12 to 18.

Objectives :

- Sensitize teenagers to the dangers of sexual violence, change their perception of gender stereotypes, inform them about their rights.
- Anable children to identify if themselves are victims of sexual violences.
- Inform them about the assistance they can get through hotlines, psychological support.
- Train volunteers to the topics of sexual violence and developp their skills for the organisation of pedagogical workshops in classes.