« The downward circle of syrian women refugees » a 26 mn documentary film


Since summer 2015, the UNHCR encounters great difficulties in distributing food to Syrian refugees in Jordan, by lack of means. Syrian refugee women live in constant insecurity and are no longer able to feed their children. Many of them see no other solution than prostitution to meet their needs and those of their families.

It is more than urgent to communicate this reality to the civil society and the media, so that policy makers allow the UNHCR and local institutions to balance their budget. Thus, Syrian refugees in Jordan can at least feed themselves, get proper ID documents and earn a living.

The SURGIR Foundation undertook the shooting of this 26 mn documentary film collaborating with film director Beatrice Bahkti, from Troubadour Films, and with the support of the Michele Berset Foundation, FEDEVACO and Mr. van den Broek d'Obrenan.

« The downward circle of syrian women refugees » will be released in the last quarter 2016.