New program in Jordan: Combating child marriages

In Jordan, early marriage is allowed from the age of 15 years if the union is considered as "beneficial for both partners." In many families, the father's

salary barely feeds all children, so early marriage is chosen as a way to garanty a life away from needs, and to put them under the protection of their

husband. Besides, these marriages traditionally provide the pride of parents.

The consequences of early marriage on young girls are dramatic : school dropouts, psychological effects of rape during their marriage, and health at

risk because of early pregnancy. In 2013 in Jordan, 9'610 young women were married at the age of 13, which represents over 13% of all marriages

celebrated throughout the country that same year.


The SURGIR Foundation is mobilized against early marriage and developped a specific programme to

  • Mobilize school communities to prevent girls exposed to early marriage from leaving school
  • Raise awareness of parents, and especially of men, to the dangers of early marriage on young girls
  • Encourage the Jordanian Ministry of Education, to work on an action plan covering the entire country, to prevent early marriage with the help of school communities.

In addition, families in need will receive financial support to enable them to pay for the school fees of their daughter, for uniform fees and for school

supplies. Start of the programme : spring 2016