Jordan : legal, social and psychological support to syrian refugee women and their children

With as little as 50 CHF, you participate in the financing of an awareness workshop dealing with rights and duties in the jordanian law.  
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Today in Jordan, 85 % of the refugees leave outside of camps, in some of the poorest areas of the country. In 2015, most of them live with as little as 68 JD per person and per month (around 80 $).

23,5% of the syrian refugees in Jordan are women and almost 53% are children, of which 18% are less than 18 years old.

Syrian refugee women terribly suffer from post war traumas, especially widows with children or those who have been separated from their husbands. Most of them do not have ID papers, lost or stollen during their escape from war. This prevents them to have access to certain social benefits, obtain food rations, enroll their children at school, be amitted in hospitals or have access to employment.

In this situation, risks of abuse against women and girls without papers are multiplied. 

The programme put up has the aim of giving a legal, social and psychological support to syrian refugee women and their children that have settled in Jordan, outside of the camps run by the UNHCR, in 3 governorates located north of Amman (Mafraq, Irbid and Ajloun). By providing legal documents and helping in their efforts to have access to social and medical services, this programme facilitates the integration of women into the jordan life.

In 2015,

  • 537 women have been sensitized and warned against the dangers of human trafficking, early marriages and prostitution. They are also aware of their rights and duties with regards to jordanian law.

  • 150 women benefited from a legal, social or psychological individual support, divided into :
    Listening services and advice (125 cases) - Transfer to medical services (30 cases) - Legal support (96 cases) - Administrative advice and orientation to other services (60 cases) - Information on reproductive health (125 cases).

  • 96 files requesting a legal follow-up were opened, grouped into 5 different types :
    Marriage contract (38 cases) - Divorce certificate (15 cases) - ID documents (17 cases) - Birth certificate (26 cases) - Recovering of ID documents that were confiscated at the frontier between Syria and Jordan (8 cases). 


Emergency response programme for syrian refugee women in Jordan

Following a field mission in august 2015, and seeing all the problems encountered by syrian women in Jordan, the SURGIR Foundation has decided to put up a complementary programme to meet the basic and immediate needs of women. 


  • Soap and perfume making trainings to allow women to have a small revenue
  • Transport tickets and prepaid mobile phone cards to enable them to keep in touch with their siblings
  • Pre and postnatal services and financing of medical treatments for those with a chronical desease
  • Psychological support groups to enable them to talk to others and find some relief.




Localisation des 3 sites d'implantation du programme : Mafraq, Irbid et Ajloun, au nord d'Amman
The 3 areas of implementation of the programme : Mafraq, Irbid and Ajloun, north of Amman