Emergency programme for syrian refugee women and their children in Jordan


During the summer of 2015, the SURGIR Foundation has seen a sharp increase of difficulties encountered by syrian refugee women in Jordan, especially as concerns access to health services and public services as well as lack of financila resources. Given this situation SURGIR has decided at the beginning of 2016 to provide practical and timely assistance to women living in the areas of Mafraq, Irbid and Al Dhleil.

  • Soap making workshops : Syrian refugees run short of everything and even of sdoap. Many of them already have a significant know-how as northern syria is the birthplace of first soaps known as ''hard'' ones. Soap making workshops serve three purposes : to enable resilience through creation, to allow personnal use and to allow a modest income when sold, for refugees to buy food for their children.
  • Drugs for chronic and psychological illnesses : 40 women with severe chronic or mental illness receive appropriate medical treatment.
  • Pre and postnatal emergency care : 20 young mothers with urgent needs will benefit from this specific budget
  • Psychological support groups : War trauma created in some women great emotional distress exacerbated by extreme living conditions, isolation and anxiety. The organization of psychological support groups allows 225 women to find some relief.
  • Transportation : To improve mobility and ease access to public and health services set up by international NGOs, 360 transport tickets will be distributed to refugee women.
  • Prepaid cards for mobile phones : Telephone is a lifeline for refugees to stay in touch with their siblings. 60 prepaid cards will be distributed to women.